Rampum is an easy to play, fun and addicting, card game.  You will match cards (make pairs) to earn points and coins; complete challenge series’; collect cards; chat and trade with friends and more.

Best of all – you will be able to play the 1st two stages of the game for FREE and can continue to play those stages for as long as you wish – completely FREE of charge!

It will start with over 50 rounds of play and I have completed the series cards for many of them.  Rounds are limitless and will be added to the game over time.  I have written the guidelines, created many of the graphics and have it ready to go!

Would you like to give it a try?  Well, so would I, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about computer programming and can not afford to hire someone.  So, do you know a young (or old) programmer that can take my years of designing the game and turn it into an actual game here?  Someone willing to work for free for the chance of future income?

I am looking for a programming partner that can help make this dream come true!

Estimated cost of this project:  Time from both myself and a programmer partner!

The site is currently paid for and hosted by Bluehost.  If the server needs to be changed then there will be a minimal cost for set up.  I have over 500 friends on Facebook who would come to play this game and I would advertise it there and on other free advertising sites.  For $ 5.00 (through Fiverr) we could get someone to actually do all the advertising for us.  If you have an existing program, that can be used to make the game, then there is no cost there and I have already created most of the graphics so there is no cost there.


Some people may call me a dreamer – and that is exactly what I do.  I go to bed at night and I dream of nifty business ideas, ways to help the world and ways to help people.  I wake up in the middle of the night and think (while most of you are sleeping).  I can not turn off the planning, problem solving and thoughts of a new idea and go back to sleep until I have worked through it with a fine tooth comb and come up with a solution to every issue I can think of.

I will spend days (and nights) working on an idea - even though I know that I can’t afford to do anything with it.  I was born with the NEED to help others, but without the means necessary to do so.  Therefore, I am called a dreamer!

This is just one of many dreams, and business ideas, I have.  Would you like to know more?  I am going to start posting them on this page, in the hopes that, maybe someday, someone out there who sees this has a need to help that matches mine and has the means necessary to make one of these dreams come true.

Meanwhile…  If you are a programmer, and would like to know more about the game of Rampum, please use the form below to contact me.  Beginners welcome!  We can learn as we go together!!!

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